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Small motor-rowing boat without keel.It's good for exploitation even by oars or by engine.Made from PVC material - 950gr/sq.m.

Price: 849.00лв.

Rod holder FASTen

The Rod Holder FASTen can be used for fishing or transport of a fishing rod.Sold in 3 colors.Can be combined with products FASten HTp213,HTb213,HTr213,HTa213
Price: 34.90лв.
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Mount with glue on pad for installation on inflatable boat FASTen (140/140)mm

The mount kit allows quick and easy installation of the whole range of FASTen® accessories on an inflatable boat. With the use of the Mp225 PVC, the mounting pad a mount is reliably attached to an inflatable boat.
Price: 19.90лв.
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Great choice for fishermen and hunters.Equiped with a bilge carpet,rubbing strake and a fastenings for removable transom.Made of  PVC material 950gr/sq.m

Price: 469.00лв.

Folding Ladder FASTen, made of aluminum tubes (Ø22 mm)

The ladder is fitted in two mounts spaced at 305 mm. It  has swivel joints which enable it to follow the shape of the baloons of the boat.
Equipped with foldabel arms for storage or transportation.
Price: 139.00лв.
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Professional boat with hard floor and inflatable keel.Made from PVC material - 1100gr/sq.m.

Price: 1,590.00лв.

Anchor roller with the tilt mechanism FASTen

Ensures easy dropping and raising of an anchor.Suitable for Ø10 мм ropes and is equipped with a loop guide for the rope. The tilt gear allows adjustment of the anchor roller depending on the boat position.
Price: 39.90лв.
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Boat STORM MK-220

Maverick models are very light and compact inflatable boats made of high-quality PVC material of 670 g / m2. Their weight is from 11 to 14 kg. Lightweight and convenient transport and storage. You can easily take on every trip.
Spacious single-seater boat MK220 provides comfort and safety. Due to increased and dimensions (length 220 cm. аnd a width of 125 cm.) With a load capacity (150 kg.) аnd diameter of the floating balloons of 34 cm. Is comfortable, lightweight, compact and reliable. Moreover, the MK220 model weighs only 11 kg.
Price: 299.00лв.

Platform FASTen (100*100 mm) for fishfinder and optional equipment

This is used to mount fishfinders ,photo/video equipment, GoPro cameras,, video recorders and other equipment.To install equipment on the platform, standard fasteners are used. It is quickly installed and reliably secured in the universal Fs219 mount.
Price: 14.90лв.
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Boat STORM STK-380

Keel boats STORM series STK are made of high quality PVC fabric of 1100 g / m2 and consist of airtight compartments with inflatable keel. They are good for higher speeds and for more passengers.
Model STK380 has perfect aspect ratio of the boat - 380x184 cm navigable balloons of 46 cm ensure safety and maximum payload of 580 kg. There is enough space for four people and allows the installation of additional equipment and accessories for more comfort on board.
Price: 1,490.00лв.

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