Mounting platform FASTen (140x140mm)

Code: 748

PVC mount pad with an enlarged glue-on surface,enables the installed FASTen® accessories to withstand heavier loads. Recommended for use with oarlocks, anchor locks, mooring cleats, etc.In case two pads are installed on one side, it is recommended to space them at 305 mm between their centres. This will allow for installation of accessories that are fitted in two mounts.

  • Manufacturer: FASTen
  • Weight: 0.163 Kgs

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Mounting PVC platform FASTen (140x140mm):
Price: 12.90лв.
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Code Mp225
Dimensions 140*140*18mm
Net Weigh 163 g
Сolor Black  Mp225
  Gray  Mp225G
  White  Mp225W


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