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K-250T SC deck

K-250T SC deck

Price: 1,030.00лв.
K-270T SC deck

K-270T SC deck

Price: 1,075.00лв.
KM-260 Book deck

KM-260 Book deck

Price: 1,814.00лв.




Price: 13.00лв.
Universal Lock FASTen

Universal Lock FASTen

Price: 26.00лв.
Fastener for movable seats

Fastener for movable seats

Price: 12.00лв.

Left-hand tilt assembly FASTen for Ø22/29 mm tube

Code: 769

This is designed to join tubes at various angles.It is used either individually or in pair with the Tr257 one. The assembly shape allows smooth adjustments of the rotation angle from 0⁰ to 180⁰.
It allows for assembling various tube designs, including those in which it is necessary to join two tubes of different diameters. The Inner diameter of the Tl257 assembly allows for fitting a tube with the external diameter of 22 mm whereas the outer diameter is suitable for tubes with the inner diameter of 29 mm. The assembly is equipped with lugs for a spring hook or a rope.

  • Manufacturer: FASTen
  • Weight: 0.136 Kgs

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Left-hand tilt assembly FASTen for Ø22/29 mm tube:
Price: 30.00лв.
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Code Tl257
Dimensions 136*72*55mm
Net Weigh 136 g
Сolor Black  Tl257
  Gray  Tl257G
  White  Tl257W


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