Mount and mounting clip FASTen

Code: 790

The mount and mounting clip make it possible to secure pieces of equipment on a tube, railing, handrails, mast or track without drilling. Thanks to the elastic inner coating, the clip can clamp items of round, square and rectangular cross-section. The set includes a coupling bolt and nut to keep the clip closed and control the compression force. The clip has a provision for two Fs219 mounts (one mount is included in the set, the other one can be ordered separately).
The mounting clip can be used with items from 20 to 60 mm in volume.

  • Manufacturer: FASTen
  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs

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Mount and mounting clip FASTen:
Price: 55.00лв.
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Code FMc
Dimensions 130*74*90mm
Net Weigh 500 g
Сolor Black  FMc
  Gray  FMcG


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Mount and mounting clip FASTen

Mount and mounting clip FASTen

Price: 55.00лв.

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