Code: 458

  • Manufacturer: IGLOO
  • Weight: 3.200 Kgs
Price: 165.00лв.
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  The sea series of refrigerated bags are considered to be the best in class marine coolers. They have all the features that fishermen and yachts would like, including white with ultra violet (UV) protection, to withstand prolonged exposure to sun, sand and marine Waves. With its varied sizes for different types of marine activities, each product has its own distinctive features and benefits.
This compact refrigerator bag is suitable for small and large boats and can be attached to the deck with a rope using the chute located in the handles. The refrigerator bag is equipped with very convenient folding handles.
* For insulation, Ultratherm® material is used to guarantee the long-term preservation of ice and cold in the box.
* Soft coating on the handles against slipping, sweating and injury
* All screws are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.
* The interior has an antimicrobial coating that does not contain stains, odors and mold. Easy to clean
* UV protection
* Weight: 3.220 kg
* Volume: 34 liters
* Collects 56 small boxes for beer or soft drinks
* External Dimensions: 60.96cm x 34.45cm W x 33.02cm In
You can use coolers or directly pour ice into it.

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Price: 165.00лв.

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