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Quick & Cool "have a convenient second lid opening that allows quick access to the bag contents without opening the entire lid.They have all the features that fishermen and yachts would like including white with ultra violet (UV) protection, To withstand long exposure to sun, sand and sea waves.Thanks to the ultra-thermal insulation, the bag holds ice and cold for 5 days !!!
* 5 days of ice and cold in the bag !!! The tests were done at + 32 ° C (under controlled laboratory conditions) without opening the bag
* For insulation, Ultratherm® material is used to guarantee the long-term preservation of ice and cold in the box.
* Handles - lifting and retracting with convenient grip
* There is a drainage groove with a screw cap that makes drainage easy. The hose is compatible with a hose.
* Click fastening - two fasteners, child-resistant.
* Cover for easy access to the bag contents
* Sturdy enough to be used for seating, saving space on the boat.
* The interior has an antimicrobial coating that does not contain stains, odors and mold. Easy to clean
* Weight: 7.940 kg
* Volume: 95 liters
* Collects 145 small boxes for beer or soft drinks
* External dimensions: 89.54cm D x 44.15cm W x 42.55cm В
You can use coolers or directly pour ice into it.

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Price: 299.00лв.

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