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These Polar White Refrigerated Bags cool and isolate to MAX! The additional ultra-thermal insulation in the body ensures maximum insulation and cold hold up to 5 days. The tests were done at + 32 ° C (under controlled laboratory conditions)
Ultra Violet (UV) protection to protect against harmful sun rays. Ideal for camping, long stays of rivers and lakes, fishing for a longer time, catering, fish and meat products, and great outdoor activities. The body and lid are made of Ultratherm® material that ensures good insulation. It is sturdy enough to sit on it. The lid holds a weight of 135 kg
The reinforced raised handles are made for more comfortable grip and lifting of the cooler.
* 5 days of ice and cold
* Threaded hose with a hose-compatible screw-on drain plug.
* For insulation, Ultratherm® material is used to guarantee the long-term preservation of ice and cold in the box.
* The interior has an antimicrobial coating that does not contain stains, odors and mold. Easy to clean
* UV protection
* Weight: 8.44 kg
* Volume: 113 liters
* Collects 188 small boxes for beer or soft drinks
* Outside Dimensions: 97.31cm D x 44.15cm W x 45.09cm In
You can use coolers or directly pour ice into it.
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Price: 299.00лв.

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